About Us

Meridian Energies Centre is a private centre, the only one of its kind in the world, with centres in Toronto and Collingwood Ontario, Canada.

Our Centre specializes in energetic/informational analysis, which we believe support your optimum health. Our logo represents each of us embracing our multi-faceted energies and taking responsibility for all aspects of it.

We encourage you to achieve this goal by listening to what the body is trying to communicate. With the many different approaches we are able to come up with an individual plan for each person.

The focus of the centre is to insure the correct measurement of light. In a session the quality of this light is investigated, chaotic light is returned to coherency and the biochemical functions of the body are returned to balance.

Our goal is to realign the body’s balance with as few appointments as possible.

Please feel free to explore the site for answers to many of the questions you may have.

Office hours in Toronto are 1pm to 5pm on Monday’s and 10am to 2pm Tuesday’s and 11am to 4pm in Collingwood Tuesday to Thursday. Other appointments are available upon request in the “CONTACT US” section of the website.

For an appointment at either location you can book online with the “BOOK NOW” button.